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Nourishment Hubs

In anticipation of your arrival we wanted to share with you the latest improvements at Silverado Resort and Spa designed to provide the best meeting experience for you.

Our new “Nourishment Hubs” . . . transforming the traditional coffee break experience into something that is Always Fresh! Always Changing! Always Delicious!

Our Nourishment Hubs are an “all-day break experience” designed to delight your attendees with fresh made foods from healthy to indulgent.

Thoughtful Foods for Thoughtful Minds
Slower-burning carbohydrates and proteins, ie. whole grains, proteins, nuts etc...

Our Chefs are empowered to use fresh, local ingredients that reflect the region.

We serve food from our ovens or pans straight to you, using fresh and local ingredients.

Our Chefs provide a seasonal menu with items that are prepared to meet your special requests.

We source our ingredients from our local farmers, artisans, ranchers and growers as much as possible without having ingredients shipped across the country.

Our Chefs share their knowledge your guests through flavorful foods.
• Authentic
The authentic hospitality from our staff and creative menus from our Chefs we will leave each attendee with a memorable experience that could not happen anywhere else.
Below you will find the current menu selection for our “Only At Silverado” Nourishment Hubs for this season. Please note menus change with the season so please ask your Catering and Conference Service Manager for the latest menus as you begin planning for your event.

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