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Golf Swing Therapy

Napa Valley Golf & Spa Resorts

Par for the Course Massage - 50 minutes $130
Paying extra special attention to the upper body muscle groups used for golfing. We begin by applying an invigorating sports balm to the skin using specific Deep Tissue massage focusing on arms, shoulders, back & hips to enhance range of motion.

Golfer’s Reflexology - 50 minutes $130
Pressure point massage focusing on hand and foot reflex points that correspond to individual parts of the body. Releases tension and stress, increases energy, and restores physical balance.  Includes an invigorating peppermint foot scrub and hot towel treatment.

Silverado Golf Ball Massage - 50 minutes $130 - 80 minutes $190
This hands-on sports therapy is like no other as it is choreographed to use a golf ball as the vehicle to apply massage pressure. Relieves muscle tension and increases joint flexibility.

Benefits - When utilizing the golf ball as a tool the Massage Therapist is able to use a deeper level of pressure making this our unique technique of “swing therapy”.  

GO Golf Facial - 50 minutes $140 - 80 minutes $205
Our calming, therapeutic facial buffs away impurities while nourishing and protecting against environmental damage. This resurfacing facial also includes a light, soothing face, neck and shoulder massage.

Back 9 - 50 minutes $130 (Back Facial)
This skincare treatment is great for softening, smoothing, hydrating, and toning the often neglected back and shoulder area. Includes a Marma scalp massage.

Golf instructions (reservations required at the Golf Pro Shop)
30 minutes $60 or 50 minutes $90

Fitness Training (reservations required at the Spa)
30 minutes $60  or 50 minutes $80

Learn how being fit for golf can greatly enhance your game and extend your playing ability. The assessment will help determine areas of concerns such as balance, flexibility, and strength which could include strengthening the core muscles that stabilize the hips.

The package includes:
TPI Certified Golf Instructor Lesson 30 minutes
Personal Fitness Trainer Session 30 minutes
Par for the Course Massage 50 minutes
110 minutes $240
*24 hours advance notice required for Be Strong Golf and in addition to Personal training, the Spa offers a variety of classes to enhance the physical as well as mindful aspects of golf.

Awareness Through Movement:
The Feldenkrais Method will teach you to minimize your muscular effort to maximize your natural, almost effortless swing.

Pilates, Core and Flexibility:
Strengthening the core includes abdominal strength, hip stability, low back strength while torso rotation requires flexibility, as well as strength.

Some great features of water exercise are that the abdominals and core muscles are constantly engaged, joints are supported due to the buoyancy of water, and great way of cross-train for any sport.

Please check the monthly schedule of the classes offered at the Spa to enhance your general fitness.
Contact Us to make your spa appointment at 707.257.5555