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Spas in Napa Valley

Silverado Relaxation Massage - 50 min $130 - 80 min $190
Using the healing powers of plants and herbs along with Swedish Massage provides healing benefits appropriate for a specific condition. Your therapist will choose the right combination of essential oils with you to begin your wellness solution. Remedies: Stress, Sleep, Muscle Relief, Detox, Energy & Balance.

High Tech Massage - 50 min $130
Inspired by the unique stress on the upper body created in the making of the world famous technology achievements of Silicon Valley. This point specific massage employs a variety of techniques to release specific tension in the neck, shoulder, back, and forearms, leaving you ready to create the next generation of communication.

Deep Tissue Massage - 50 min $130 (firm pressure select) 80 min $190 (therapeutic)
This is a slow deep pressure point specific therapy designed to increase flexibility, relieve soreness, and speed muscle recovery resulting from overexertion. Select upper or lower body focus in 50 minute session, or full body therapeutic in an 80 minute session.

Healing Stone - 75 min $195
Prepare to melt into and absorb the comfort and soothing heat from our river worn stones. This therapy has roots in Native American Culture and is designed to cradle and balance your energy points as your therapist glides additional stones over your body pressing, pausing, and varying stroke technique as needed to release tension. Warm & Cool stones are used.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - 50 min $130 - 80 min $190
Lomi Lomi is a rhythmic full-body massage technique where the therapist works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body, enabling the recipient to relax and feel our Aloha.

Warm Rose Massage - 50 min $130 or 80 min $190
Warm oil poured and massaged over the entire body relaxes the body while the unique aromas relax the mind taking you away on your own personal retreat. Warm coconut oil, essential oils and natural waxes, created by melting the PINO Massage Candle, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Maternity Massage - 50 min $130 - 80 min $190
Massage was designed just for Mom and Baby. Long slow strokes with light pressure. We use pregnancy pillows and side lying techniques to ensure guest has the utmost comfort.

Spa Reflexology - 50 min $130
Pressure point massage focusing on hand and foot reflex points that correspond to individual parts of the body. Releases tension and stress, increases energy, and restores physical balance. Includes an invigorating peppermint foot scrub and
hot towel treatment.

Couples Massage - 50 min $260 - 80 min $380 in our Couples Treatment Suite
Let your outer world disappear and both of you can enjoy a relaxing Silverado, Deep Tissue or Lomi Lomi massage in our private couples room. A spa experience you will both remember.
* Add 2 glasses of Sparkling Wine for $24 *

80 Acres Ultra Hydration Massage - 50 min $130 - 80 min $190
We are naturally drawn to aromas that help balance our present state of being, choose from essences created at McEvoy Ranch Estate and produced with certified organic extra virgin olive oil. This customized massage begins with choosing from:

Verde ~ Redolent of basil, tomato leaf, and freshly cut grass
Lavender ~ Notes of ylang ylang, lemon and lime
Blood Orange ~ Essential oil blend of fruits,vetiver, and jasmine.

Garden Cabana Massage - 50 min $130 - 80 min $190
Available seasonally from 9am-5pm, this location is nestled in our Meyer Lemon Garden. Please let us know if you would like to experience your Silverado, Deep Tissue or Lomi Lomi Massage outside in one of our three garden cabanas.

ENHANCEMENTS ~ Upgrades to any Massage
25 min Spa Foot Reflexology  Treatment   $60
25 min Men’s Express or Ladie's Express Facial     $65
25 min Migraine Relief Treatment    $60

Marine Mud Application $25

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