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Julie Ex

Napa California Wellness Resorts

Julie Ex, life-long Napa Valley resident, began teaching classes at Silverado Resort and Spa in May 2011. Her career started working as a chemist/engineer for a medical device company where she was running stability studies for a drug coated coronary stent device.

After losing her job along with 600 other employees, she reevaluated her career options. Now, she is doing something she enjoys and is truly passionate about.

Julie is ACE certified Group instructor and has attended workshops for Turbo Kick and WaterART™. She is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer and experienced in Pilates and core training.

Although working in the fitness industry has been a big career change, it is a perfect fit for Julie and she is happy working with such wonderful associates and dedicated members and guests.

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