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Laisha Stroud

Wellness Resorts in Napa Valley

Laisha Stroud was born and raised in Gilroy, California.  She was a competitive field hockey, soccer and track athlete in high school and continued to play soccer her first two years of college.

She holds a BS in Exercise Physiology from California State University, Sacramento.  Her love for sports and being active is what convinced Laisha to become a Personal Trainer. Laisha has been a Personal Trainer for the past nine years and a Group Exercise Instructor for five years.

She currently works full time at Synergy Medical Fitness Center in Napa, CA and recently joined the fitness department at Silverado Resort and Spa, working as a Personal Trainer.  In 2009-present, Laisha became involved with a community exercise program called PE4ME-Healthy for Life.  Visiting Napa's public middle schools on a monthly basis, she has instructed a variety of exercise classes, from weight lifting and boot camp, to spinning and kickboxing.

She has also helped develop senior classes at Synergy Medical Fitness Center, currently instructing Total Body Balance training classes and Senior Strength classes.  Her hobbies include cooking and traveling the world with her husband.   Laisha enjoys working with all age groups and fitness levels and believes that no matter what your age, size, or fitness level, it's never too late to get active!

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