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Mark Somerville

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Mark Somerville began learning Tai Chi in 1986 with Sifu Michelle Dwyer, with whom he still studies. His interest in Tai Chi was inspired by experiences when he was seven years old and began to feel the pressure of “heavy energy” between his hands, which is one of the most common ways Chi is experienced.

In attempts to understand this phenomena he has pursued studies in psychology, hypnosis and various spiritual practices. The result for Mark Somerville was that Tai Chi and Chinese Martial Arts in general were the most satisfactory method of exploring this type of experience.Other venues for study of the martial arts included an introduction from his Sifu to Jing Mo San Francisco, where he attended classes for eighteen months.

Jung Mo San Francisco was originally opened by Master Wong Jack Man in order to spread the teachings of his Sifu Yim Shan Wu of Jing Mo Hong Dong.In 2007, Mark Somerville began teaching Northern Shaolin style Kung Fu at Synergy Medical Fitness center, and in 2009, after nine years of study, he was given permission by his Sifu to begin teaching Tai Chi at Silverado Resort and Spa.

He is additionally qualified to teach Chi Gung, three Tai Chi Sword sets, twenty Northern Shaolin style sets including six weapons, and Hsing Yi (the five elements, twelve animals and three linking sets).His studies continue, as King Fu is a living art form.

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