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5 Reasons to Visit Napa During Crush

5 Reasons to Visit Napa During Crush

September 15, 2018

As the summer heat gives way to the first cool autumn breeze, the grapes grow plump on the vine. Winemakers observe carefully, finally declaring, “It’s time.” The valley comes alive with excitement as everyone dives into the crush. Grapes are picked and the magical process of turning them into wine begins.

Harvest Celebrations: Wineries throughout the valley put on parties, barbeques, and concerts to celebrate the harvest. Check out the Autumn Fête at Robert Mondavi Winery, the Crush Party at V. Sattui, and the Harvest Celebration at St. Supéry Estate for starters.

Stomping of the grapes: If you want to get up close and personal to what our city is all about, make sure you partake in a grape stomp. You can find info. on them through wineries themselves, but we also host them on our property.

The weather: Napa typically experiences mild weather on an annual basis. But when we reach the end of summer and the beginning of fall, the colors come to life and exude the excitement that the season of crush evokes in the first place. Expect sun, a light breeze, and cool nights during your stay.

The smell: Yes, the rumors are true. As you drive through the endless strip of vineyards and wineries (Highway 29) during crush, the aromas of wine will overcome your senses. This will revert you back to Reason #1 to visit during this time.

Hotel deals: We’ve got you covered on this one. We offer several exclusive packages, but to name a couple of our favorites: Fall Crush and Cabernet Season. Check out our website for further details on these wine-centric deals.
So tonight, while you enjoy your favorite glass of wine, imagine all the little grapes that made that possible. They deserve some recognition. See you here!