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hot air balloons over napa nalley

Napa Valley Views from the Clouds

Napa Valley Views from the Clouds

May 04, 2020

There’s no more memorable way to experience the sprawling views of Napa Valley than with a hot air balloon ride. During the summer months, this is an especially popular way to take in the region’s gorgeous valleys, scenic vineyards, and picturesque hillsides.

Many people like to start their day of hot-air-ballooning with a departure at sunrise. This way, the temperatures are cool, the winds are relaxing, and riders can take in the dazzling dawn views as they float along the horizon.

Those who choose this adventure are able to experience the landscapes from heights as great as 3,000 feet. For those interested in this unique wine country excursion, it’s recommended to wear a light jacket and sunglasses, since temperatures can get a bit chilly in the early morning, and the sun is quite bright from these great altitudes.