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glasses of red, rose, and white wines with grapes

Napa Wine Tasting

Napa Wine Tasting

October 07, 2022

As the summer heat gives way to cool autumn breezes, the grapes grow plump on the vines. And we here at Silverado wait in excited anticipation for winemakers’ call to “crush”. It’s a season in Napa when the valley comes alive for harvest and guests experience a perfect opportunity to taste the best the valley has to offer.
Come for a wine tasting in Napa and take your tastebuds on a journey through the region. From whites to rosés to deep reds and blends, there are countless vintages to taste at hundreds of wineries each with its own unique style, setting, and history. We suggest choosing a few for your visit and making a reservation at each, so you can spend quality time exploring the grounds, taking a behind-the-scenes tour, and tasting the wine available to sample. If you’re overwhelmed by choice, try Silverado’s trusted partners, which include Napa Valley Tasting Barn, Silverado Vineyards, Patz & Hall, Hartford Court, Freemark Abbey, and Los Dagos. If it’s your first time visiting Napa for a wine tasting, consider observing the following advice, so you’ll sip, swirl, and spit like a pro:

  • LOOK at the color and clarity of the wine
  • SWIRL gently in the glass to release the aromas
  • SNIFF to prepare your palate
  • SIP and enjoy the complexities
  • SPIT into a "dump bucket" should you choose

But most importantly, wine should be enjoyed. So don’t overthink it; have fun and drink what you like! And when you’re able, share your tasting experience with us on social media @silveradoresort. We can’t wait to host you.