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The History of Silverado Resort in Napa Valley

The History of Silverado Resort in Napa Valley

April 06, 2020

In 1869, modern-day Napa Valley was virtually all wilderness. John Franklin Miller, an esteemed Union Civil War general, saw an opportunity to build his legacy there. General Miller purchased 1,200 acres of Rancho Yajome, which would later become the property that Silverado rests on today.

Upon purchasing the land, he set out to construct his estate. A grand mansion with features inspired by Italian and French architecture, the estate was named La Vergne. When you visit the resort’s lounge, you are standing in what was once the mansion’s great living room.

Following his death in 1886, General Miller left La Vergne to his daughter Eudora, who went on to host an array of prolific guests, including President Theodore Roosevelt. From 1932 to 2010, the property underwent a long series of transformations, from changes in ownership to the addition of an 18-hole golf course.

Finally, the property was purchased by Silverado Resort Investment Group LLC, whose owners aimed to define the resort as a truly upscale facility, establishing the Johnny Miller Golf Academy and appointing Dolce as the resort’s manager. Throughout time, Silverado Resort has only continued to grow, ultimately blossoming into the prestigious golf resort it is today.