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Welcome to Crush: Napa Valley's Harvest Celebration

Welcome to Crush: Napa Valley's Harvest Celebration

October 01, 2021

In Napa Valley, the year revolves around the seemingly endless rows of grapes that grow in the region, developing the world-class wines that draw millions of visitors to the area every year. 

The harvest season in particular is the period of time from August through October when the wine grapes are ready to be plucked from the vines, harvested, and crushed, so that they may eventually become the drinks poured into your glasses. 

Winemakers need to move quickly once the grapes are harvested and crushed so that the must—or fresh grape juice—can begin the process of fermentation as quickly as possible. This busy season, also known as Napa Valley Crush, is a popular time of year for visitors to the region, and with good reason: wineries celebrate the year’s harvest with a number of special events and release parties that include wine tastings, food, and live music. 

After the parties and tastings, if you’re curious about participating in a traditional and authentic wine experience, look no further: many wineries host events that allow you to participate in grape crushing in Napa Valley. The wineries will set up space to allow guests to take off their shoes, roll up their jeans, and celebrate the timeless art of winemaking with some good old fashioned grape stomping. These events are an exciting way to get involved with the art that happens behind the scenes at wineries, while also giving you the opportunity to relax with your own glass once you’re done.

With nearly 400 wineries to explore and indulge in, a trip to Napa Valley for the year’s harvest is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of wine country as well as the hard work that goes into making the different varieties—from red and white to sparkling and rosé. 

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