Golf for Groups

Let our professional instructors show you how the game of golf is a great way to educate and energize your staff, plus provide a bit of diversion for meeting attendees. This memorable event is presented in a first class manner and at a reasonable price. 

Our exciting activities can be conducted in different time allotments and can be enjoyed by golfers and non-golfers alike. Wonderful and unique prizes are available to keep everyone's eyes on the prize.

Customized Activities
While we have listed a few activities here for you to review, know that each activity will be customized to help you achieve the goals that you have for your participants. Our professional staff will work with you to ensure that everyone has fun and learns.

Activity #1 - Professional Golf Instruction
One of the easiest activities that you can set up for your participants is golf lessons. Working with a professional golf instructor will help your participants learn to teach others new skills, how to communicate with people that you are training and how to communicate with people that are training you. This is a fun activity that can be more beneficial then you might first expect. However, to get the most from this activity you need to follow up the lessons with a learning session about training communications.

Activity #2 - Golf Tournament
Another fun activity that you can schedule is a golf tournament. The golf tournament is designed to help develop your employees' ability to set goals and to reach the goals that they set. This golf tournament will be set up slightly different then a normal tournament. Each employee will work with the other players in their group to forecast their team's score. During the event, decisions will have to be made based on the strengths of each player. After the tournament you can hold a summary class on goal setting, alignment and attainment based on the lessons learned during the tournament. 

Activity #3 - Professional Fitting
Nothing makes the game of golf more enjoyable than playing with the right equipment. In this activity, our professional staff will take the time to custom fit a new club for your employee or client. The follow up activity for this exercise will be a lesson based on using the proper tools to achieve your goals.