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Silverado GPS Challenge

In this challenge teams will be armed with Polaroid cameras and GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers. Team members will need to work together to be successful because on this Scavenger you will need to use your brain and your body. All aspects of the resort are incorporated to make sure you get the full flavor of the surroundings.

In this highly interactive Scavenger, teams will be been given identical "Interactive Scavenger Hunt Lists" of fun, unusual challenges to accomplish in a limited time frame. Using Polaroid cameras and a group's combined wit, creativity and general lack of shyness, teams will find, assemble, manufacture and create the solutions to some very entertaining challenges.

Teams will need to collaborate and then coordinate their efforts to solve the various challenges. Teams can decide to separate to divide and conquer or stay together where there may be advantages to having concentrated brainpower. Strategizing is part of the exercise. Depending on the sub-teams and their strategy, some may choose to arrange two or three rendezvous points throughout the activity to further synergize their efforts. Whatever their strategy, communication within each sub-team and between sub-teams will be essential for team success. The activities will take full advantage of the specific surroundings. Participants will need to be creative to determine where and how the challenges can best be met.