Wine Blending

Looking for the perfect program for both wine connoisseurs and wine novices alike?  If it's not convenient for your group to get to a winery you can still experience a professional wine blending program here at the Silverado Resort and Spa.  

Wine Blending both challenges and entertains the wine expert and beginner alike.  It can be present in either a relaxed or competitive format.  Your group will be divided into teams and provided with the property enological tools to blend a selection of high-end varietal wines into a killer red wine blend.  Graduated cylinders, pipettes, beakers, tasting glasses and most importantly, great Napa Valley red varietal wines will be provided in conjunction with Bin to Bottle, Napa Valley's premier custom crush winery, we will provide a selection of premium varietal wines for your group to blend during the program.

All of the wines provided come from vineyards producing ultra premium Napa Valley brands.  Each team will strategize, measure, blend and taste 3 until they feel they have concocted the best blend from the provided wine components.  A blind tasting will determine the best wine.

During the judging each team will nominate a "taster" to be on the panel along side our professional winemaker.  The judges will make their choices as to which wine they prefer.  Votes will be tallied, the winning wine announced and the bottling process will begin.  Yes, we said the bottling process.  

Each participant goes home with a bottle of the "winning blend" corked, capsule and labeled by you on-site

Program Length:  Normally 90 minutes, your program can be customized to fit into an hour slot prior to a dinner or formalized into a 2 hour group teambuilding activity.