Silverado Footgolf


It's a FootGolf Takeover!

Played like traditional golf but with a soccer ball, FootGolf offers a unique and exciting way to experience the undulating fairways of our award-winning PGA North or South Courses here at Silverado Resort and Spa.

Originally designed by Robert Trent Jones and redesigned by Johnny Miller for Silverado Resort.

  • View of golf course, lake, trees, and clear blue sky

    FootGolf Basics

    What You Need to Know

    A combination between soccer and golf, FootGolf is taking Silverado Resort by storm!

    Rather than hitting the ball with a club like golf you are kicking, and while the ball may not travel as far, with the right amount of force, you can kick your team into victory.

    The game is played similar to golf. Starting with a tee off on a tee box, kicking it from the greens or bunker hazards and keeping score with a scorecard for 9 or 18 holes.

    The object of the game is to kick the soccer ball into the designated pin with the fewest amount of kicks possible. Each “hole” has a Par (just like golf!) ranging from Par 3 to Par 5 - that number indicates the ideal number of kicks it will take to get the soccer ball into the area with the pin.