Silverado Resort and Spa is home to the famous Silverado Burgerdog. Located at the Snack Shack on both the North and South courses, this Silverado delicacy is one of the many reasons why you'll keep coming back for more! Whether you're visiting from out of town and seeking a quick snack, a member playing out on the course hungry for lunch or just wanting to try something new, the Burgerdog is a must here at Silverado. So stop what you're doing and come and taste it for yourself, you definitely won't regret it!


General Hours of Operation 9:30am - 3:30pm Daily - Times may vary

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  • The iconic Silverado Burger Dog

    Burgerdog Creation

    How It All Began

    The Burgerdog has been a long standing Silverado Resort staple. Created by the legacy himself "Burgerdog Bill", it has been a tradition for golfers to stop at the Snack Shack and taste the wonders of the dog. How was it born you ask?

    All because of its simple shape and short cooking time. Regular burgers took up more space on a grill and because of its shape, needed more time to cook. With the innovative idea to shape the burger in the form of a hot dog, a revolution was made. Not only was this easier for the Snack Shack to sell more, it was also easier for players to handle.

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    Burgerdog at Olympic Club

    A Golfer's Staple Food!

    Originating back in the 1950s, the Burger Shack was run by Bill Parrish right across the Olympic Club. Golfers would hike across the street just to get a taste of his renowned burgers, and because of its overwhelming popularity to the players, Bill and his shack were invited to have a permanent spot on the Olympic Club's course!

    Many Olympic Club members were also Silverado members, and encouraged Bill to bring the Burger Shack to Napa Valley. Bill's son, Steve, successfully opened up stands on both our North and South courses, and now Steve's son, Jeff, is a third generation owner.

    The legacy of the Silverado Burgerdog continues to thrive, and even after almost 70 years of its creation, it's still a hit!

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    Legacy Continues

    So Good You Can Almost Taste It

    The Burgerdog is enjoyed by many, see why the Burgerdog is a MUST at Silverado!

    "They were so good, they sometimes seemed like the entire reason I was out there in the first place. I couldn't wait to get to the 11th hole."
    -Johnny Miller, PGA Hall-of-Famer

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