Classic 50 minutes | Deluxe 80 minutes | Legacy 100 minutes


Silverado Massage - Classic $140 | Deluxe $210 | Legacy $260
Using the healing powers of aromatherapy to delight your senses along with personalized pressure in Swedish and Deep Tissue Styles.  Provides healing benefits appropriate for your specific conditions.

Just For Two Massage - Classic $280 | Deluxe $420 | Legacy $520 in our Couples Treatment Suite
Let your outer world disappear and both of you can enjoy a relaxing Silverado Massage in our private couples room. Choose from a selection of services. Add 2 glasses of sparkling wine for $20.

High Tech Massage -Classic $140 | Deluxe $210 This area massage employs a variety of techniques to release specific tension in the neck, shoulder, back, and forearms, leaving you ready to create the next generation of communication.

Par For The Course - Deluxe $210 Focuses on the muscle groups used for golfing.  We begin by invigorating the muscles with a sports balm rub, then using specific Deep Tissue massage techniques on the arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs to enhance range of motion.  Optional golf ball rolling technique is offered to provide a deeper level of pressure.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - Classic $145 | Deluxe $220
Rhythmic full-body massage technique where the therapist works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes, totally nurturing the body, enabling the recipient to relax and feel our Aloha.

Healing Stone Massage- 75 min $220
This therapy has roots in Native American Culture and is designed to cradle and balance your energy points as your therapist glides additional stones over your body pressing, pausing, and varying stroke technique as needed to release tension. Warm & cool stones are used.

Warm Candle Massage - Classic $140 | Deluxe $210
Relaxing Swedish style aromatic Bulgarian Rose or Honey Ginger heated candle massage with soy and coconut oils will lift your spirits and soothe your soul.

Honey Dream Massage - Classic $145 | Deluxe $220
This deeply relaxing and hydrating myofascial massage uses a luxurious warm beeswax thermal pad to relieve tension and pain. Enjoy an anti-aging facial mask for plumping, applied with Marma pressure points to complete the experience.

Maternity Massage - Classic $140 | Deluxe $210
 A soothing treatment for pregnancy during any trimester or postpartum, this massage improves circulation and provides a gentle, soothing touch for expectant and new mothers.

Spa Garden Cabana Massage -
Available seasonally from 9am-5pm, this location is nestled in our Meyer Lemon Garden. Choose from a selection of services.

ENHANCEMENTS ~ 25 Minute Upgrades to any Classic Massage or Facial - $70
Express Blue Facial | Men's Sport Express Facial |Back Facial | Spray Tanning | Spa Foot Reflexology | CLEAR YOUR HEAD Nasal Relief Treatmemt


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Prices listed on website are subject to change.   The Spa accepts Spa Finder and  Spa Wish  certificates for regularly priced spa treatments of 50 minutes or longer, however they are not applicable to spa packages, specials &  additional gratuities.